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AUTUMN Arrives

Autumn arrives, girl, tree, leaves, colors

Autumn arrives overnight

Unzipping her bag of colors

Trees brace for her creative touch

Unfazed, she sets to work painting

Masterpieces, that bow and fall

Neath her feet to create carpets of color


Posted in September 2018, Syllable Lune


Quote by Neale Donald Walsch about Comfort Zones

Satisfied in my

Comfort Zone

A risk free area

Syllable Lune

So many of us are stuck in our Comfort Zones. We settle for a life that’s ” good enough” but not really ideal. We want to break free, take risks, pursue opportunities, try new things, but it’s hard to find a way out because we are comfortable where we are and there’s not really a need to change.

Perhaps reading this article “10 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone” may give you some ideas that will help you find a way.