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False Faces

False Face


Brings duplicity

Back and forth

Lying tongues weaving

Dishonesty and deception

Cleverly disguised

Harmless looking masks


Masks looking harmless

Disguised cleverly

Deception and dishonesty

Weaving tongues lying

Forth and back

Duplicity brings



#OctPoWriMo Day 22

Poetry prompt: Betrayal

Word prompts:

betrayal, deception, dishonesty,

duplicity, lying

Suggested Form: Palindrome

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Time Lord

Clock faces

Don’t let any moment slip by

Cus hours tend to fly

Seconds march on

Til life is gone

And the clock hands can’t be delayed

Minutes fade

The hourglass runs

No past reruns

Your life’s chronology is now

Present avow

Future gain

Not live in vain.

Minute Poem

#OctPoWriMo Day 20

Theme: Time Lord

Word Prompts:

moment, hours, minutes, clock, hourglass, future, past, present,


Suggested Form:

In keeping with the time theme and for those who really want a challenge, try a Minute poem. For less of a challenge try Loop poem