The Missing Sock

The Missing Sock

A Non-conformist?


At its worst?

Not choosing “lost” in the dryer

“Jumps basket” instead


( This poem was inspired because my daughter did some clothes washing at my house yesterday and I thought it quite humorous when I saw this sock laying on the floor after she had picked up her laundry and left.

The reason being was that the little sock had missed going into the laundry basket and she had to pick it up twice to put it in, but then, after she had left, I noticed it was still here–“left behind” on the floor! Seemingly it couldn’t “get lost” in the dryer so it decided to “jump the basket” in an effort to abandon its duties!😊 Just my imagination running wild again, LOL, but it gave me and her a couple laughs!

Hope it does the same for you😊)


Fall Walk in the City

scarlet leaf
Scarlet leaf,

Such vibrant color,

Lay silently

In my path,

Soon to be one among many

Detached from life,

Unless help comes…

A helping hand reaches

And picks up

Broken dreams,

Offering to be the glue

That restores life.

Double Shadorma

Portland Rescue Mission

Union Gospel Mission-Portland

#Homeless #PortlandOregon


If Monday Was A Person

It's Monday SignIf Monday was a person

No one would want them around

Monday would get little done

If Monday was a person

They would be liked by no one

Their name would be a bad sound

If Monday was a person

No one would want them around


#IfMondayWasAPerson (trending on Twitter)


September school days

Children hopping and skipping 

Leapfrog at recess 


#HaikuHorizonsWeeklyChallenge Week#135 Prompt: Frog

(When I wrote this poem I was thinking of my childhood days long ago when we children used to play Leapfrog, not the electronic game they have now, it was a fun physical activity, we played outdoors at recess. (Leapfrog is a game in which players take turns in leaping over other players that are bent over from the waist. – 

I wasn’t quite sure if children still played Leapfrog now so I looked it up on the Internet and found some videos on You Tube that I thought were worth sharing. Looks like Leapfrogging is still alive and well! 😊)

Young Children Playing Leapfrog Video 

High School Students Set World Record for Leapfrogging Video