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God is:

Promising a good future. It’s
Obtainable and
Securable, if you are
Susceptible and ready to be
Imaginable! Will it be a
Breeze? No, more
Likely it will take hard work. It won’t be
Easy, but it is possible to achieve.

Think positive!
With God all things are Possible!  (Matthew 19:26)

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Ocean, sand, heart

The words

You speak

Charm me

But then

Your loud



Them all

Syllabic Verse

“Actions speak louder than words” —Author Unknown

Sources say that this expression dates back as far as 1628. It was first used in its current form in the USA by Abraham Lincoln in 1856.

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Have a Nice Day

Smiley Face on a Hill

Happy Face Hill

Traveler’s delight to see

Nature smiling


I actually happened to see this while

my daughter and I were driving back from the Oregon Coast!

Near Willamina, OR. I spotted what looked to be a big happy face high on the hill to my right.

“Is that a Happy Face up there on that hill?” I asked my daughter who replied “It sure looks like it!”

After stopping to take a picture she did an internet search and found an amazing story regarding the Big Smiley which you can read by clicking this link:

Huge Smiley Face On Oregon Hillside – You’ve Got To See –

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Brightness by the Brook

Yellow Flowers

Curious encounter

Of yellow bursts of color

Blooming near the creek


I recently came upon these big yellow blooms as I was walking near a small creek. They were just scattered about on the creek’s bank. I am not sure what they are, probably some kind of a lily. They sure brightened up my morning walk!

(If any of you know what they are please let me know in the comment section. Thanks)