2 thoughts on “Award-Free

  1. Recently, we renamed our church to Living Stones Church based on the passage from 1 Peter 2:4-5. While searching online, I found your triquain based on the same scripture. Your poetry highlighted much of the meaning in not only that verse but also in the verse as it relates to other scripture. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The real reason for writing, I have to admit, is to ask if you would permit me to publish the poetry in our church bulletin and also use the picture/poem together. I would, of course, always give you credit for your work.

    1. I would be honored to have you share my poem in your church bulletin Pastor Stan. I do appreciate your comments on my poem ” A Work in Progress” which is based on scripture 1Peter 2:5 and do give you permission to share it and it’s accompanying image in your church bulletin giving credit to me and my blog. Thank you for asking. God’s Blessings to you and your church.
      Leona J. Atkinson Poetry Plus Blog http://www.leonaslines.com

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