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December Days

Dark rainy day
Rains wash away snow

Daylight turns quickly to dusk

Life rushes by


Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge

Week #147. Prompt: Rush

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Leaf Legacy

Leaf stains on concrete
Fallen leaves create

Pattern on the sidewalK

Dying leaf leaves dye 


Today while I was out walking, I happened to notice some leaf imprints on a large area of the concrete sidewalk here where I live. I had never seen this before so of course I took a picture and then researched it online to see the cause. I found that when leaves fall onto concrete and lay there decaying they excrete a dye called tannin that stains the concrete and so leaves their image when they are removed. The dye stains can be removed by detergent and scrubbing. I found this to be quite interesting! 

Leaf Prints-The Urban Naturalist

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