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NaPoWriMo 2013, #9–Treasures

With my Bible in my hand,
Off to church I go,
With expectation in my heart,
Of what I may come to know.

A Book so full of mysteries,
And knowledge to be found,
Is not something that I want,
To just leave sitting around.

So I walk ever so swiftly,
Across the frozen ground,
Eager to reach my destination,
And the treasures that abound.

For when the Book is opened,
It often speaks to me,
And inspires me with wisdom,
That solves the mystery,
Of life now and forever,
And a Hope that is to come.

What a great adventure !
And it’s not just for some,
But for all who seek and desire,
The truth to be known.

Come with me on this journey,
And treasures you too will be shown.

Leona J. Atkinson  04-09-13