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Midnight Snack


“So sorry”, said the deer

“I had a night craving for

Lilacs and Lilys.”


Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge Week#248

Prompt: “Sorry”

(Sad to say this is a true story ( except of course the deer didn’t apologize 😊)

My garden plants blooms are becoming food for the deer and squirrels who populate my area.

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Heavenly Hand

Cloud shaped like a Hand in the sky

Sighting in the sky.

Fingers reaching down.

Is it Hand of God?


Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge Week #239 prompt: Hand

This is a photo I took of what I saw in the Oregon sky a couple days ago while riding in the car as my grand-daughter was driving.

The cloud image looked so much like a giant hand with four fingers showing that I had to snap a pic of it and then I see that Haiku Horizons Prompt for this week is “hand”!

Perfect Poem Prompt! 😊