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Legacy of the Leaves

Golden Fall Leaf, John Burroughs quote

Leaves in Fall dress

Beauty in the golden years

Senior Prom Night


Enjoying Life!


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Your Vestige

Fall Leaves

Time and life will take their toll.

They will leave a lasting imprint.

What is to be your end goal?

Time and life will take their toll.

The body dies but not the soul.

Consider this as you do your stint.

Time and life will take their toll,

They will leave a lasting imprint.


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Leaf Legacy

Leaf on sidewalk

Among shadows

Of the past’s occurances

Alone I face the future


That my life was not in vain

It was orchestrated

For a purpose


Butterfly Cinquain

Based on Psalm 138:8  The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands. (ESV)

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The Legacy of March

Lion, Lamb
March of many weathers enters

Like a Lion’s loud roar

Shaking the barren tree limbs

From their sleepy core
Awakening season’s centers

To life once more

Then the Lion sleeps, time dims

March shuts Winter’s door
With Daffodil’s as assenters

And Songbirds galore

March leads a chorus of hymns

Life to restore
As Springtime rain mentors

March exits, no encore.

Like a frisky Lamb she skims

Toward the exit door

Double Trochee
DOUBLE TROCHEE: 4 quatrains–96 syllables–7-5-7-5 –7-5-7-5– 7-5-7-5 –7-5-7-5– Rhyme: a-b-c-b


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Portion Pondering 

Will you leave a legacy of love and joy?

Or pilot a trail of endless pain?

With what marked traits does your life employ?

Will you keave a legacy of love and joy?

Or a bitter life which does annoy

By seeking only its own selfish gain?

Will you leave a legacy of love and joy?

Or pilot a trail of endless pain?



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Leaf Legacy

Leaf stains on concrete
Fallen leaves create

Pattern on the sidewalK

Dying leaf leaves dye 


Today while I was out walking, I happened to notice some leaf imprints on a large area of the concrete sidewalk here where I live. I had never seen this before so of course I took a picture and then researched it online to see the cause. I found that when leaves fall onto concrete and lay there decaying they excrete a dye called tannin that stains the concrete and so leaves their image when they are removed. The dye stains can be removed by detergent and scrubbing. I found this to be quite interesting! 

Leaf Prints-The Urban Naturalist

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