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The Legacy of March

Lion, Lamb
March of many weathers enters

Like a Lion’s loud roar

Shaking the barren tree limbs

From their sleepy core
Awakening season’s centers

To life once more

Then the Lion sleeps, time dims

March shuts Winter’s door
With Daffodil’s as assenters

And Songbirds galore

March leads a chorus of hymns

Life to restore
As Springtime rain mentors

March exits, no encore.

Like a frisky Lamb she skims

Toward the exit door

Double Trochee
DOUBLE TROCHEE: 4 quatrains–96 syllables–7-5-7-5 –7-5-7-5– 7-5-7-5 –7-5-7-5– Rhyme: a-b-c-b


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‘Tis Spring

Spring Flowers
Ah, Spring Fever is in the air
Let all beware
As minds will wander
And think and ponder
Then stop to sit in gardens green
Oh, so serene
Where dreams rise
To sunny skies
And bright colored flowers grow
Instead of snow
And songbirds sing
Ah, yes, tis Spring!