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Cruising McMinnville

Grand-daughter’s 1985 RX-7 Mazda cruising downtown McMinnville
Grand-daughter’s 1985 RX-7 Mazda cruising



In my mind

And in my heart

I was young again

I visited the past

Rode down memory lane

Remembered the days of old

While standing on the streets of now

Reverse Nonet

Tonight our hometown had a classic car show and cruise, and I had the pleasure of not only watching all those beautiful cars that I remember from my past drive around,

but also had the opportunity to ride in one!

I began driving in 1960 and I was blessed to have owned many of those cars that are now called “classic”. (And I wish I still had some of them now!😊)

But it was such fun to not only see them all cruising around but to also be able to do so with my 18 year old grand-daughter who owns a 1985 RX-7.

Fun night! Great old and new memories!

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NaPoWriMo 2013, #13–A Walk Down Memory Lane

I went for a walk today,
Down Memory Lane.
‘Twas  a lovely journey,
That I’d like to take again.

For people I had forgotten,
Suddenly came into view,
And reminded me of happy days,
As we recalled a thing or two.

They resurrected a dream,
That I had thought long lost.
I rejoiced to have it back,
And am glad our paths crossed.

And suddenly my steps seem lighter,
As I take the path towards Now,
For I’m holding on to a dream,
I know will come true somehow.

Leona J. Atkinson. 04-13-13