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If Monday Was A Person

It's Monday SignIf Monday was a person

No one would want them around

Monday would get little done

If Monday was a person

They would be liked by no one

Their name would be a bad sound

If Monday was a person

No one would want them around


#IfMondayWasAPerson (trending on Twitter)

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September school days

Children hopping and skipping 

Leapfrog at recess 


#HaikuHorizonsWeeklyChallenge Week#135 Prompt: Frog

(When I wrote this poem I was thinking of my childhood days long ago when we children used to play Leapfrog, not the electronic game they have now, it was a fun physical activity, we played outdoors at recess. (Leapfrog is a game in which players take turns in leaping over other players that are bent over from the waist. – 

I wasn’t quite sure if children still played Leapfrog now so I looked it up on the Internet and found some videos on You Tube that I thought were worth sharing. Looks like Leapfrogging is still alive and well! 😊)

Young Children Playing Leapfrog Video 

High School Students Set World Record for Leapfrogging Video

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9 Reasons Why Grocery Shopping is Hard Work! 

grocery shopping
Here are 9 Reasons why I get so tired from a Grocery Store Shopping trip!

1. Putting items into cart

2. Taking items out of cart at checkout

3. Putting items into bags after checkout and back into cart

4. Taking bags of items out of cart 

5. Putting bags of items into car

6. Taking bags of items out of car

7. Putting bags of items into house cupboards/fridge/freezer

8. Taking items out of cupboards/fridge/freezer

9. Putting in oven, microwave, toaster, or mouths

Yay! Done at last! 

Whew! Time for a nap! 

(Silly 😊) Free Verse 

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Homeless woman
Left sitting,

Used, unwanted,



Sitting like an old drink cup,

No one needs or notices 


(This poem was inspired as I was cleaning out the inside of my car. My grand-children often leave their empty soda cups behind after we have had lunch at a fast food restaurant.  Upon seeing these empty, used, un-wanted cups my mind thought of the great homeless problem the nearby city of Portland, OR is facing.  I hope this poem brings awareness to the ever growing problem of homelessness in Portland, OR. and that the link to the news story regarding the problem will be read by those who might be able to help in providing a solution some way.)

Portland’s Homeless Challenge-City Journal