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DIY How To

Image saying “Home Rapair”

“So easy

That a child can do it.”

I struggle.


I admit my inabilty.

I am not a child.


#NaPoWriMo Day 1 Prompt: write an instructional or dis-instructional poem

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In the Midst of the Mist

In-the-Midst-of-the-Mist  Quatern poem
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

It always amazes me how our mind can get carried away when we can’t see things clearly or how our imaginations begin to flow when we come upon the unexpected or unexplained.  “In the Midst of the Mist”  is an imaginary story that shows us the importance of not letting ourselves get overcome by fear, or letting our emotions get out of control, by imagining things that may not be true, just because we can’t see the whole picture clearly.