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Faces in the Clouds

Faces in the clouds
Original photo by Vivian Marcin 2019

Who are you four,

Watching me

From above?

Friends or foe?

Syllabic Verse

Grand-daughter sent me this pic she recently took at the beach. I was taken aback by all the faces I saw in the clouds!

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Always in Demand

Someone’s always watching me,
Or racing to beat me.
It seems they can’t live without me!
In the morning I wake them
When they tell me to,
Yet then they often get angry
And hit me!
People are always saying I move too fast,
Yet if I stop, they get upset!
I really don’t understand the logic of it all,
But then, I’m just a clock!

Free Verse
Leona J. Atkinson  11-20-13