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Focal Point


Choosing to focus

On the daffodils dancing

Instead of the News



A born and raised Midwesterner who traveled to Oregon in 2006 via the Oregon Trail route, fell in love with Oregon and now call it home. I am retired and pursuing my life long dream of becoming a Freelance Inspirational Writer.

4 thoughts on “Focal Point

  1. Excellent decision, Leona. The news doesn’t offer anything to rejoice about, but the daffodils–now that’s a different story. The color alone is enough to lift the spirits. Can’t wait to see them here. Are those currently growing near you?

    1. Yes, We have many daffodils blooming here where I live and all over our town. They’ve been in bloom for about a week now.
      I just love seeing them. They always remind me of one of my favorite poems by Wordsworth “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud”

      1. I remember that poem too. We finally got rid of our snow with rain, but it seems to be rather cold today. Even though our heat is on I can’t get really warm today.

      2. Glad your snow is gone. Some areas nearby had some light snow last night but it melted this morning. None by me thankfully. It’s been quite chilly here but is supposed to warm up this coming week. So far it’s been very mild weather last month and this. I am so glad. Loving the flowers and birds again.

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