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Walking Circumspectly

“Puddles” oil slick image by Leona J. Atkinson
“Puddles” oil slick image by Leona J. Atkinson

Walking thru my day

Avoiding worry puddles

Watching where I walk

Stepping over the pitfalls

Of the fear induced cracks




A born and raised Midwesterner who traveled to Oregon in 2006 via the Oregon Trail route, fell in love with Oregon and now call it home. I am retired and pursuing my life long dream of becoming a Freelance Inspirational Writer.

2 thoughts on “Walking Circumspectly

  1. I like that “worry puddles”. Especially stepping over them. It feels a little like we are walking through some kind of obstacle course in a surreal world these days, doesn’t it? You go to bed at night not knowing how much the world may be changed when you wake up again. But through it all, we have the peace of God available to us. It’s wonderful.

    1. Yes Diane. I agree. Everything is so unstable right now that’s why we need to keep our focus on God and His word. So thankful to know Him during these times especially.

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