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Daily Drink

Sunrise and Sunset
Sunrise beckons

Drink in the day’s beauty

Before sunset


Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge. Week #144. Prompt: Drink

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Morris the Queen

Morris the Queen, golden calico cat
Sits upon our hearts

None other can take her place

Morris the Queen


(Tribute to Morris, my grandson’s cat, who is about 12 years old now. He got her as a baby kitten and though she was female he. Ames her Morris because she looks just like the famous Morris on Nine Lives. She has truly been a wonderful family cat.)

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Snow White’s Awakening

That first look

Into eyes of blue



Rescued from a bad dream by

The awakening kiss


(This poem was written in response to a suggestion made by our poetry class instructor. She said to imagine what Snow White felt like when she first opened her eyes after the Prince kissed her.  So…I imagined…and this Shadorma was the result.😊)