Posted in Cinquain, February 2018

Life’s Labyrinth


Bits and pieces

Of daily life

Glued together by God

Form a mosaic of beauty



Posted in Cinquain, February 2018


I’m a winner


My fear today.

As my courage surfaced,

Fear was put to rest, and is now

No more


Posted in Cinquain, December 2017

Juliette’s House

White Cat figurine


But for blue dot

Blind cat silently sits

His wish for a loving, good home



While in a local bank I stopped to check out the tags on the Giving Tree they had set up. The Tree was to provide Christmas Gifts to our local Juliette’s House, which is a place dedicated to helping abused children.

One Tag said “Colored Pencils”. Since I am into drawing and coloring I chose that one to fulfill.

Looking further my eye caught sight of a tag that said “Dog and Cat Figurines”. I chose that tag for my daughter to fulfill as she was a Dog/Cat lover, being an owner of 4 dogs and 2 cats.

The Small Cat Figurine she donated to Juliette’s House was all white except it had a very small blue dot on its fur. We thought it was unique and that perhaps the child that received it would use his/her imagination to create a story as to how the blue dot came to be, as I did in this Tanka poem.

Any of you poets want to add to this Cat’s story? If so, share your imaginative poem or thought in the comment section.

Posted in Cinquain, December 2017

Give Kindness

Be Kind chalk drawing


Easy to give,

But so often not given.

Hearts are waiting to receive,

Be kind.


We would call a man selfish who should refuse to give a cup of water to one who was thirsty. Yet many of us do this continually: it is the heart that thirsts, and the water we refuse to give is human kindness.

~J. R. Miller