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And So The Rain Begins

Rain, Rain Boots,Umbrella
No end in sight 

Just rain, constant rain

Pouring rain

Pounding rain

Everyday, every hour

Just rain, constant rain


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The Rains Return

There are gloomy skies in Portland

The persistent rains have come back

And many people think it’s grand

There are gloomy skies in Portland

In pouring rain some love to stand

And their love for rain doesn’t lack

There are gloomy skies in Portland

The persistent rains have come back


(I was thinking of my grandson Dylan when I wrote this poem. He loves the rain so very much) 

Posted in Haibun, October 2016

Old Shoes

old shoes
If old shoes could talk

What a story they could tell

Of places they walked

One by one my shoes are wearing out.

For me, buying shoes is not an easy task as I need a large size with a wide width. Therefore, when I find a pair of shoes that are comfortable I wear them until they basically fall apart, which is what seems to be happening lately. 

As I begun to throw each worn out pair away abit of nostalgia hit me and I was reminded of all I had done in those shoes. Work shoes and dress shoes, they all held many memories within them, but life has changed, those times are past, and they must go, for their purpose has been served. 

New shoes are here

Opportunities await

In each step they take

A new journey starts as I put on my new shoes and bag up these old shoes for disposal. I am looking forward to what each step brings!