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Whose Hand?

My inner child’s asking

“Whose hand are you holding

As you walk today?”

“If it’s the Hand of Pleasure,

She will lead astray”

“If it’s the Hand of Worry

You’ll have a bad day”

“I’m holding the Hand of God”

I say, ” So I’ll always be okay” 


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Make a Wish

Dandelion Puff in Forest
Photo by Vivian Marcin

In the forest green

Silky circle of lace is seen

Picking it I glean

A feeling that’s so serene

Suddenly I’m queen

Filled with wishes umpteen

A magical scene

Filled will sunshine sheen

Parachuting seeds careen


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Good Deeds

Daisy, flower, hand
Taking time to show you care

Offering up a sincere prayer, 

Meeting a strangers need,

Doing a small kindly deed,

Sometimes means a whole lot more

Than lots of money given to the poor

Do something small for the least 

Let God multiply it into a feast