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Sorry! game

On a journey to reach Home
I Start out as number 2
But I get a second chance
That’s not good for you


Counting on the luck of the Draw
To move me forward on the Path
My colorful little Pawn
Procures the Card of wrath


It’s a frantic race to make it Home
You bump me and I bump you
But one of us will win in the end
Oh Wow! Look at the card I drew!




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Evolution of Writing

A human Finger writes in the sand,
Words a heart needs to say.

And a dry Bone held in a hand,
Draws word pictures in moist clay.

A Reed blowing in a Egypt’s land,
Is used to scribe events of the day.

And Romans, in their culture so grand,
Invent the Stylus, so they say.

Anglo-Saxons cleverly planned,
To write books using a Quill as a way.

Then upon the world’s Grand-Stand,
The lead Pencil’s design is put on display,

Yet, Pencil writing was undermanned,
So ink Pens were created in various array.

But, for all those invented, both great and bland,
The Finger is still used to text and sign today.




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Looking at Life

When I was wee,

A small Baby,

I saw things you couldn’t see.

Life was a fantasy, a mystery 

Everything was new to me!
And as Child,

It continued to be.

I walked thru Life aimlessly,

Filled with glee,

Happy just to be!

Life looked so carefree!
Then in Puberty,

I began to disagree,

And searched to find life’s key,

For Life indeed was a mystery,

Filled with rules and conspiracy,

All aimed at me,

To destroy my complacency.
As a Young Adult of twenty three,

I saw Life as very weighty,

Filled with great responsibility.

I needed wisdom to find victory,

From life’s woes and useless worry.

So to others I issued a plea,

I asked them to join with me,

To learn and overcome life’s complexity,

So we could fulfill our dreams easily,

And make good life a reality.
And as an Adult I worked tirelessly,

Into Middle Age to capture those dreams for me,

I saw life as a potpourri,

Filled with things not reachable to me,

And from work I longed to be set free,

From this life of inequality.

I finally saw Life in reality.
And as a Senior now I do see,

Life as a river slowly passing me,

And in it I see

The things of real quality,

They are the friends and family,

Who linger and stand by me,

To offer love and the ability,

To enjoy life now in tranquility.
Looking back I must agree,

My Life looked best,

as a wee Baby.