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Coming Soon!

San Diego Show flyer for MARCIN VIIVIIVII and FVMZ
Show Promo Flyer ©️FVMZ Records

FVMZ Live in San Diego

They like a force of nature

Tsunami warning


#MayFalls19 Poetry Challenge Prompt: force of nature

(Just a little poetry promo for my grandson’s upcoming live show performance May 10th in San Diego) 😊

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World Overview

Man racing with time

Quickly jotted notes

Faceless friends and family

Life passing by

Living in a timeclock

Checking Apple’s watch

Running life’s racetrack

In a zombie world

Filled with roads to nowhere

Lonely souls needing God.


#MayFalls19 Poetry Challenge-Day 2–Prompt:”quickly jotted notes”

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May Day

Field of blooming tulips at Tulip Farm in Woodland,WA 2018
Woodland,WA Tulip Fest 2018 ©️LeonaJAtkinson

The time has come

May’s skirts rustle as she tiptoes

Through the dancing tulips 

Sowing seeds of florescence

Carpeting the world with flowers


#MayFalls19 Poetry Challenge-Day 1–Prompt:”The time has come”

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