Posted in Choka, November 2017

Unexpected Sunshine


Dont you just love it

When those gray skies turn blue,

Raindrops disappear,

And inexpected sunshine

Comes shining thru,

Making a drab day turn new!

A smile can do

A very similar thing

Into life, as light it brings.


This poem was inspired by this mornings burst of sunshine! The weatherman had predicted rain and cloudy skies all day and so it was as I awoke this morning , but then, suddenly, as I sat drinking coffee staring out at the rain falling upon my patio, the rain stopped, the sun broke though the clouds, and behold! It was a new day

Posted in Choka, November 2017

Richly Blessed

Stop, look around you.

Blessings come in many sizes,

How many do you see?

And how many are unseen?

Big and small blessings,

That live within your heart?

Treasure them all.

For if you have even one,

You are rich my friend!


Posted in Choka, November 2017

Ephemeral Joy

Brown Leaf in Fall
Photo by Vivian Marcin

In the days of my youth

When time was of no essence

No thoughts for the morrow

Entered my lofty world

As I grew vibrantly

In the fresh breezes of life

Enjoying the sun’s kiss 

Until touched by Autumn’s breath

I felt the brevity of life


Posted in Choka, November 2017

Then and Now

Rose bush in the Fall
I look at you now,

In the Fall season of life.

Your beauty dim.

You are not as tall,

Nor as vibrant now,

As in the Summer of life.

Your color now gone,

You bloom no more, as before,

Yet, I love you still, my rose.


Posted in Choka, October 2017, Rhyme

Whose Hand?

My inner child’s asking

“Whose hand are you holding

As you walk today?”

“If it’s the Hand of Pleasure,

She will lead astray”

“If it’s the Hand of Worry

You’ll have a bad day”

“I’m holding the Hand of God”

I say, ” So I’ll always be okay” 


Posted in Choka, September 2017

Pause to Praise

Praising God
Is your life full

Of good things sent from the Lord?

Abundantly blessed,

Crowned with tender mercies?

Have you been divinely

Healed, Forgiven, Redeemed?

May you never forget

To always praise the Lord daily

For everything He does for you 


Based on Psalm 103:1-5

Posted in Choka, September 2017

Focus On The Light

Inside a Covered Bridge
Where ere your journey

Or your pathway might take you

Keep moving forward

Stay focused on reaching 

The end of your tunnel 

Where you’ll find your freedom’s light 

Don’t let obstacles

Detour or delay your purpose

Set your face like flint