Posted in February 2019, Haiku


College lawn full of robins

Promises of Spring

Abundantly appearing

Lawn full of robins


While at my college today I happened to notice the lawn was filled with robins! So many of them hopping about, it was amazing to see that many at once! Very encouraging sign of Spring.

Posted in December 2013, Rhyme


Appearing out of nowhere,
These old enemies of mine,
Cause me to falter
As I begin to write each line.

Self Doubt, Intimidation, Fear,
All make their appearance.
They cause my mind to wander,
With their sudden interference.

Yet somewhere within me,
Another appearance is made.
Confidence and Determination enter,
And cause those enemies to fade.

Once again I begin to write,
And the challenge I do undertake.
It appears my poems will be written,
And perhaps a chapbook I will make!

Leona J. Atkinson  12-05-13