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Crack in sidewalk that looks like a Y or two paths

Two paths lay before me

Where will they lead my feet

If I go left where will I be

Two paths lay before me

If I go right what will I see

I wonder if in the end both will meet

Two paths lay before me

Where will they lead my feet


Posted in August 2018, Syllabic Verse

Monotonous Motion

Treadmills at the gym

Questioning my purpose

Walking everyday

And yet I’m going nowhere

On the treadmill of life

Need to stop and get off

That sad revolving belt

Get out in the real world

Find new paths to walk on

New voices to listen

To, and new faces to see

Realize I’m in control

Of where my feet step

I need to choose wisely

And plan future paths

Syllabic Verse

Posted in February 2018, Tanka

Spring in My Step

Daffodils in red vase

Walking down the street

Daffodils strewn all about

Flowers at my feet

Happenstance recipient

Of Random Act of Kindness


Today as I was walking downtown in search of a restaurant, my eyes beheld a strange sight. I was passing by an old abandoned theatre and there, in the entrance way were scattered 5 fresh, bright golden daffodils, just waiting for a leading lady to pick up. How fortuitous for me!

Posted in August 2016, Shadorma

First Pedicure

feet on welcome mat
Today feet

Got royal treatment 

Were massaged

And pampered

They’ve been thru a lot, but

Rewarded today


Thankful to be back walking around on these feet again. It has been 2-1/2 months since my hip surgery and I am doing well. Today was a special treat for my feet and toes. They deserved it! They have done a lot for me over the years! 😊

Posted in February 2015, Quatern

In the Midst of the Mist

In-the-Midst-of-the-Mist  Quatern poem
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

It always amazes me how our mind can get carried away when we can’t see things clearly or how our imaginations begin to flow when we come upon the unexpected or unexplained.  “In the Midst of the Mist”  is an imaginary story that shows us the importance of not letting ourselves get overcome by fear, or letting our emotions get out of control, by imagining things that may not be true, just because we can’t see the whole picture clearly.