Posted in August 2016, Cinquain

Day Brightener


Standing alone

Making a difference

Just doing what it was meant to do

Bring joy


Posted in August 2016, Shadorma

Hidden Rainbow

deer statues, rainbow
Unbeknownst to me

A revelation

Was given

Quite amazingly

I captured a rainbow

That i never saw


When I took this picture the sun was shining very brightly, so brightly in fact that I was barely able to see the statues I was trying to photograph. It had not rained, so I was surprised to see what looked like a rainbow to me in the photo. Apparently, it is a Halo or Arc that somehow formed. (Someone who knows more about weather and amosphere than I do would probably be able to explain it) 

But, it was a nice surprise, even though I would have liked to get a better picture of the statues which were a male and female deer with a fawn. Maybe another day….😊