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Vine, berry bush, fence,

Brambles verses barbs

Whether fenced in or out

The vine prevails


Posted in December 2016, Lymerick

Mr. Fox

Me. Fox, original hand drawn fox by Victoria Noelle
Oh my Mr Fox, why are you there,

Smiling at me without care?

Is it not a momentous offence

For you to be outside that fence?

Flashing that silly,sly stare!


I wrote this silly rhyme to go with this image of a little fox that I and my grand-daughter drew. I was trying to learn to draw a fox and she was helping me. I thought he turned out cute so I saved him and added him into my Christmas Village display. 😊

Posted in May Flowers 2013

Wonderful Wisteria



The old fence is hidden by
Your purple pendent clusters.
The sight of you brings joy to my morning
as your fragrance permeates the air.
My senses react pleasantly, and
my mind marks a memory of this moment.
Wisteria, starting the day with you
has enriched my life and uplifted my spirits.

Leona J. Atkinson