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Not a Back Up Plan

Sad face
Old Mr. Wunder

Really made a blunder

Made a bad day worse

When he threw his car in reverse

And knocked my plans asunder 


As I was waiting to leave a restaurant parking lot today another elderly customer was backing out from his parking spot and apparently didn’t see my bright red car right in front of him. He backed into the right rear side of my car and thankfully only caused minor damage to it, and no injuries to anyone except my car, however, the whole incident caused about an hour’s loss of time. At least he had insurance. Such is life sometimes… 

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Mr. Fox

Me. Fox, original hand drawn fox by Victoria Noelle
Oh my Mr Fox, why are you there,

Smiling at me without care?

Is it not a momentous offence

For you to be outside that fence?

Flashing that silly,sly stare!


I wrote this silly rhyme to go with this image of a little fox that I and my grand-daughter drew. I was trying to learn to draw a fox and she was helping me. I thought he turned out cute so I saved him and added him into my Christmas Village display. 😊

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Shield’s Grocery

Limerick about a childhood memory
Original Poetry by Leona J. Atkinson ©2016
Photograph from Newport Township Historical Society

This post is just about one of those childhood memories that happens to pop into your head randomly…. and I thought it was worth recording.
Shield’s Grocery was a tiny one room grocery store in the small village of Wadsworth, IL. which was near where I grew up.
It was run by a local lady whose name was “Gracie Shields”, her mom had run the store before her.  It is no longer in operation, but my memory of it was every Sunday before attending the local church we would stop at “Gracie’s” store to purchase the Sunday Paper.  We never got anything else.  No one ever went inside except my dad, and we always stopped on the way to church not after church because then it was too busy and crowded because a lot of church people stopped on the way home.  Once home, everyone got their favorite section of the Sunday paper to read, mine of course, was the Sunday Funnies. 🙂