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Mom Thoughts

Welcome Bear lawn statue

How fast the toilet paper goes

And the shampoo too

Food in the fridge


Yet laundry and trash pile up

The house is filled with people

Chattering, moving,

Echoing life

To rooms once empty and silent

Peace is now hard to find

Among so many different


Cupboards are looking bare

As is my bank balance

But my heart is happy

The kids are home again

Free Verse

(Inspired by my daughter whose four grown children are all living at home with her and my son-in-law again for awhile)

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Yo! A Yo-Yo!

Today we Nationally honor,
The toy that’s named “Yo-Yo”.
An object kids love,
To spin, wind and throw.
A little axle and two disks,
Wrapped about with twine.
Who would think it would become,
Such a popular design!
Loved the world over,
For the challenge it presents,
And every year there are held,
Many contests and events.
Players  come to compete,
They spin, loop, and throw,
Performing tricks and freestyle,
To bring control of the Yo-Yo.
What a delight it is to watch!
It brings me such great joy,
To see the amazing feats accomplished,
With this simple toy!

Leona J. Atkinson  06-06-13
National Yo-Yo Day–June 6th

US National Yo-Yo Championship 2012

2013 World Yo-You Contest–August 8-10–Orlando, Florida

Heritage–The Duncan Yo-Yo Story