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Patio Ponderings

Plant in yard with yellow flowering blooming around it

The sun envelopes

Bees, birds and squirrels visit

Lazy summer day

Breeze carries children’s laughter

And sounds of the ice cream truck


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Be Positive

ATC created by LeonasDesigns 2019
ATC created by LeonasDesigns 2019

The world needs more laughter

Take time to be silly

Share some smiles

Today as I was walking out to my mailbox, two young girls probably about 8 or 9, were walking past on their way home from school, I imagine, as they had backpacks on and it was early afternoon about the time the grade school down the street lets out for the day.

They were smiling and giggling and begin walking towards me.

“Hi” they said

“Hello” I replied smiling.

“Have you ever had a Woo?” One of them asked, giggling,

“A Woo?” I said “What’s a Woo?”

They both began to laugh and that’s when I realized this was just some childish silliness. I smiled and decided to play along for fun.

“I will throw one to you, and if you can catch it you will see what it is!” said one.

“Okay.” I said “Throw it”

The younger looking of the two grasped her hand in the air and made a throwing motion towards me.

I quickly made a grab into the air and clutched my hand shut tight. “Got it!” I said.

They both began giggling and clapping.

“We want to see it!” They clamored.

“Ok. What’s the Password to open my hand?” I joked.

Surprised at that, they were puzzled. “Hmmm, not sure…” said one

“Guess “ said the other.

After a few guesses, hmmms, and giggles I opened my hand saying “Too late. It’s gone!”

They laughed and laughed as they ran off down the street towards home.

“Silly girls” I said to myself. 🙂

Thank You God for letting them cross my path today. I needed some silliness.


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Not Tellin’

Tanka poem about a humorous experience
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2014

What a reply!  I never expected that! “I’m not tellin’ ” I said!  LOL!
I met this little guy today while I was cashiering at work.
He was a bundle of energy and full of questions!
His mom must sure have her hands full with him and his brother who are twins!
But, he sure made my day and gave us all a good laugh with his reply to my question!
I just had to write this poem to hold onto the memory of him and this encounter!