Posted in Acrostic, February 2018


Queen Victoria on horse

Call out someone or thing

Hang in until your heard

Assert yourself

Leave out rudeness

Leave out negativity

Examine all sides

Now go forward

Goad your beliefs

Engage in action


Posted in Acrostic, December 2017


Ocean beach


Comes and goes with the tide

Every moment counts

As with the sands of time

Now is important

Take heed before it slips away

Invest in your future

Decide to capture opportunities

Each and everyday day


Posted in Acrostic, October 2017


Amazing Grace Original Drawing
And when I remember 


Adrift in a sea of sin 

Zombie like, drowning

In my own foolishness 

No one to help me, nothing to

Grasp on to, I was lost, but then, 

God’s Grace

Reached out to me

Amazing Grace 

Came to me

Enveloped me, and saved me


“Amazing Grace”–the Song-Verse 1 

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now am found Was blind, but now I see.

Lyrics by John Newton

Listen to the Amazing Story of how the song “Amazing Grace” came to be written. Watch the Video Here