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Candle of Hope

One candle burning, Candle of Hope
Candle burning bright

A symbol of hope

Extinqishes night

Candle burning bright

Overcomes fright

Reveals ways to cope

Candle burning bright

A symbol of hope

5 Syllable Triolet

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Sounds of Home

Childhood sounds of home
Mom always awake at 5 am
Coffeepot perking

“Daylight in the swamp”
Was Dad’s morning wakeup call
Much to my chagrin

Mom’s much used words
You “Always” and/or “Never”
Negative tone

Norwegian songs
Joke telling laughter among
Card game smack talk

Homemade bread
With butter, after school snack
Made with Mom’s hands

Sunday softball games
Family chatter at dinner
Mom’s hot apple pie

Family and friends
Summer picnics at the park
Swimming at the lake

Senryu Cascade