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Sometimes When…

A Lime drawing
Drawing by Leona J. Atkinson 2020

Life gives limes,

Make a pie!

Turn sour into good.

Syllable Lune

Posted in Epulaeryu, October 2013

Fall Friendship Treat

In an attractive cloth bag
Freshly picked apples
A fall culinary treat
A gift from a friend
Sharing her bounty
Apple pie

Leona J. Atkinson  10-09-13

(This is my first attempt at writing a Epulaeryu.  It was a fun challenge!
I want to thank Daisy Mariposa for her excellent Hub on Poetry Forms
for that is where I first learned of this Epulaeryu poetry style.
And, of course, my friend Bonnie, for the lovely apples which inspired me to write this!)