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Not So Sweet Sounds

Cat wearing Santa hat and meowing

Hello Miss Kitty

Dressed in your Christmas pretty

Singing a little ditty

All about the the city

Sounds kinda gritty

What a pity


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Dahlia by the Door



Dahlia you look so delicate,
Dressed  in very light  pink.
Petals perfectly poised.
So well , they interlink!
Pretty as a pinwheel.
Your beauty  brightens my day.
Glad to make your acquaintance,
This beautiful morning in May!

Leona J. Atkinson  05-20-13

Posted in May Flowers 2013

Wild Rose

Wild Rose
Wild Roses


Wild Rose,what a fragrant lady you are,
all dressed so pretty in pink.
Your stamens at me do blink
and flutter as lashes in the wind.
The sun kisses you good morning
as you guard the pathway gate.

Leona J. Atkinson