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From: ________ To:_________

Girl barefoot with suitcase

From the Midwest prairie there arose,

A blue eyed country girl, quiet and shy.

Twas a simple, honest life she chose,

Enjoying nature’s wood, and clear blue sky,

Til years, and bitter tears, drew her away

To the bright city lights and noisy nights,

Bringing many sorrows and great dismay,

Filled with untrue friends and foolish fights.

But suddenly, one night, arose a light,

Telling her to return whence she came,

And visions of the prairie she did sight,

Helping her heal from all the grief and shame.

Once more, now barefoot, she stands

Upon simple, Midwestern prairie lands.


(3 Quatrains (4 line stanzas) and 1 Couplet (2 line stanza) equals 14 lines–10 syllables each line– Rhyme: abab cdcd efef gg–problem posed in the first 12 lines/Volta=solution in last 2 lines)

#NaPoWriMo 2019–Day 11—Prompt: write a poem of origin.

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Bench near the woods and among fall Leaves

The leaves susurrate beneath my feet

As I pause to cogitate

My mind says I should be festinating

I suspire

And continue to ruminate

A reverie in the wood

Mix and Match Poetry

If you love learning new words and using then try this Poetry. It was a fun experience for me 😊

• (MIX AND MATCH: is a poem mingling fancy vocabulary with distinctly un-fancy words. Any form, rhyme or un-rhymed)

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