Posted in Etheree, September 2015

Driftwood Dreams

beach with driftwood


On the waves

Of aimlessness

Tossed by the flow

Of the endless tide of life

Are fruitless, deadwood dreams

Never materializing.

Scattered thoughts lying dormant in our minds

Abandoned by the sea of regrets


Posted in Senryu, September 2015

Happy Cloud

Cloud with a happy face--Senryu poem
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

This little cloud was hovering over Memphis Airport the day we landed there.
While we were waiting for the Hotel Shuttle to pick us up I happened to look up at the sky and saw only this one cloud and snapped a picture. Just yesterday I was going thru my pictures and I noticed the cloud has a happy face!
Do you see the two eyes and smiling mouth?  This is not Photoshopped!
We had a Happy Cloud welcoming us to Memphis! 🙂