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Keep Shining Bright


Shining in the sun

Though a bit worn down from its use

Penny catches my eye

There lying in an obscure place, just off the beaten path was a penny.

I probably would never have noticed it if the sun hadn’t been shining as most of it was worn from use and dulled. It’s edges were rough, as if it had been chewed up a bit by a machine.

However, today in the sunlight it shone brightly enough for me to notice and that made me think of how I reflected my life.

What did people see when they looked at me? Was I shining in the light of the Son?

Was I noticeable or just obscure.? Was I making a difference in people’s lives?

I might be worn and weary, but I should still be shining out the light of Christ.

Something this little penny in my path made me ponder.


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Old Glory

USA Flag tattered
Image from Pixabay

I passed by an old friend today

Tattered, torn and weather worn

From years of dedication

He still stood proudly there

Though faded, not jaded

To remind me

Of freedom

My friend



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On This Day

On this day, in the morn,
Fourty short years ago,
A tiny child was born.
On this day in the morn,
The title Mom was first worn,
And I was all aglow,
On this day in the morn,
Fourty short years ago.

September 21, 1973,
Was quite a special day for me.
It was a day like no other,
For that’s when I first became a mother.

Leona J. Atkinson  09-21-13
Happy 40th Birthday to my daughter!