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Worldwide Requirements

Man and woman with sign social distancing

We have new phrases

To learn, “Shelter in place”,

“Social Distancing”.

Difficult to do.

Hoping old phrases like

“Social Gathering”,

Return very soon

Syllabic Verse



A born and raised Midwesterner who traveled to Oregon in 2006 via the Oregon Trail route, fell in love with Oregon and now call it home. I am retired and pursuing my life long dream of becoming a Freelance Inspirational Writer.

2 thoughts on “Worldwide Requirements

  1. You and me both, Leona. I’m not sure how social and distancing can be paired together. Distancing is definitely not very social! Gathering is a much pleasanter thought. We humans were created to be social, and I think that is what makes it all the more difficult. Social media is great as far as it goes, but we really need close physical contact with people, especially with those we love. I remember reading an article by Erma Bombeck where she asked the question: If you had to give up one or the other, which would you give up, kissing or hugging. She chose hugging because it is so much more contact and personal. Hugs convey so much more than words can do, and I think that is one thing many people are missing right now. But in the meantime, here’s a virtual hug for you. I don’t know how to do the “picture” thing, so it will just have to be in words. God bless.

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