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Corona Virus symbol

Some words we like

Others not so much

These days it’s true

There’s one word

No one wants to hear


We can’t stop our ears

From hearing it’s sound

Or close our eyes

To block it from sight

But we can focus

Our minds to not dwell

On this dismal word

We can use prayer

To ask for our God’s help

And for His wisdom

And strength at this time

Syllabic Verse

Praying this word is soon no longer part of our vocabulary.

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Smile of Love

Cheery !

A Grand-daughter’s smile

Chases away worry,

And brings healing to a weary heart.

It’s better

To bring healing

Than hospital’s prescribed

Daily routine medicine

I think.

Double Cinquain

(My grand-daughter Vivian visiting me after work when I was in the hospital for hip surgery. Love to see her smiling face! 😊)

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Train of Fire

forest fire, Haiku
Original Poetry by Leona J. Atkinson ©2014
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According to one definition of “train” is: the series of results or circumstances following or proceeding from an event, action, etc.; aftermath  In my Haiku “A Train of Fire” I seek to raise awareness of the yearly increase of damages to our forests in the Pacific Northwest because of Forest fires. Not only are many acres of trees damaged or lost, wildlife suffer loss of homes and people often do also.  Firefighters risk their lives and health while fighting these fires so often uncontainable because of the wind and dry conditions. As Smoky the Bear says “only you can prevent Forest fires”. Please consider and do your part to protect our natural resources.

Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge: Week #30–Prompt: Train