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Always in Demand

Someone’s always watching me,
Or racing to beat me.
It seems they can’t live without me!
In the morning I wake them
When they tell me to,
Yet then they often get angry
And hit me!
People are always saying I move too fast,
Yet if I stop, they get upset!
I really don’t understand the logic of it all,
But then, I’m just a clock!

Free Verse
Leona J. Atkinson  11-20-13



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The Spare Room

It’s some better today.
The pain in my heart has not gone way,
but the initial reaction to it all
has fallen away like a leaf in the fall.

All that lies now within my sight,
is a room that is empty,
but cheery and bright.
Void of his things, it sits there,
clean, and willing to be called “spare”.
This room that held him and all he held dear,
is with me still, though he is not near.

It helps that it has a different look,
for when I pass by I don’t see his favorite nook.
New pillows and coverlet are now upon the bed,
and the walls hold my pictures instead.
Traces of him are no longer found in there,
were it not so, it would be too much to bear.

I pray that someday, he will find his way,
and God will show him what to do and say,
To accomplish the purpose that God created him for,
Then the spare room will rejoice, and might hold him once more.

Leona J. Atkinson  Posted 11-16-13 (Originally written May 27, 2011)



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What If?

What if your dream came true today?
Would you enjoy it, or look for another to come your way?

What if all your cares were taken away?
Would you truly be able to enjoy the day?

What if a miracle was granted to you?
Would you give thanks to whom it was due?

What if all your wishes came true ?
Would you be happy or seek more for you?

What if, after change came, you did concur,
that things were better the way they were?

Leona J. Atkinson  11-15-13

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Family Adventure

Family Adventure

Exploring the back roads of Oregon,
my grandchildren and I end up
taking an unexpected Ferry Ride
across  the Williamette River.
Quite a new experience for all of us!
Later, we share thoughts, ideas and memories
as we eat lunch in a small bakery named “Leona’s”,
so named for anothers’ grandmother
in this little town of Mt. Angel,
surrounded  by vineyards and Mission State Park,
where some of Oregon’s earliest settlers lived and worked
at the Williamette Mission nearly 170 years ago.

There was a lot of history all around us just waiting to be discovered,
and our four curious minds, sought it out,
as we enjoyed spending the day together,
making history of our own.

Free Verse
Leona J. Atkinson  11-14-13
Williamette Mission State Park||Leona’s Bakery||Wheatland Ferry

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An Ode to an Old Friend

The Pink ChairYou sat there with me, in good times and bad,
Sometimes you were the closest friend, in the natural, that I had.
You supported me when I needed to weep, and
You often held me until I fell asleep.
With you, I would spend time, either alone or with family,
thinking, praying, reading, studying or just dreaming about a future journey.
You always went with me each time I moved,
and because of you my life much improved.
I’d curl up so cozily in your place,
and God would meet me in that space.
He’d talk to me in my head, or remind me in His word, of things He’d said.
It was with you that I learned so many things,
about how to reach out and share my blessings.
You were always there to comfort and hold,
even though you were becoming very old.
Your age made you look a bit worn out,
but in your ability to stand firm I did not doubt.
But then the time came that I had to let you go,

How I’d manage without you, I did not know.
At that time I no longer had the room nor space,
And I let you go on to another place.
Someone else took you in for their own,
and I am sure gave you a great new home.
But I just wanted to tell you that I miss you so,
and wish I wouldn’t have had to let you go.
It may sound funny, but it is oh, so true,
Old Pink Chair, I really miss you !

Ode-Irregular—Ekphrastic Poem
Leona J. Atkinson  11-11-13