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Autumn’s Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf
The brisk wind opened 

Nature’s treasure chest 

Found a golden leaf

Placed it right in my path

To glitter in the sunshine


I was stopped in my tracks today by the sight of this leaf! It lay in the parking lot right by my car. It looked like it was painted with Gold Leaf Paint but it wasn’t. It was just a light brown leaf but the way the sun was shining on it it looked very golden Such an unusual sight. A pleasant surprise in my day. 😊

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Felicity Or Adversity?

Tanka poem about Felicity. Or Adversity?This one is really not as creepy as it looks! 🙂  The picture was taken one day when my two grand-daughters were just fooling around having fun making goofy faces.  After I looked at the picture I was inspired to write the poem and then, I figured I would add a filter to the picture to make it look a bit more creepy.  Guess this happens to fit right in for a post on Halloween. 😦

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Car Crash

Car Crash--News--Shadorma poem

I wrote this poem after I heard on the News of a deadly freak car crash that killed a young girl I worked with.  It was a six car pileup that should never have happened and it claimed a life of a beautiful young girl who had so much going for her in life.  It really made me sad and also made me realize how quickly life can be taken from us and how we should appreciate every minute we are given.