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Never Givin Up

Again and again I cry

Again and again I stay

Again and again I sigh

Again and again I pay

Again and again I try

Again and again I pray

Syllablic Verse

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Not Stepping Stones

The stones of life

Large or small, can trip you up 

Choose your steps with care

Think before you place your foot

Stones are everywhere



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The Bench

I sit here and wait to see

Who will visit me

Maybe a bee

Or leaf fallen from a tree

There is a possiblity

It may be a dignitary

On this bright Spring day

Or a tired child at play

Come what may

Night or day

All are welcome 

Not just some

So whether King or Bum

I don’t care where you’re from

If you’re passing by

Please sit and say “Hi”

Skeltonic Verse