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A Grand Opening

Carpet of Fall Leaves

Through the open door they dance

Inhibitions unlocked

Freely they fling

Flashes of color

Detached, moving with abandon

Come to rest at my feet

I gape at the beauty of the leaves of Fall

Come to entertain me

On this windy day.

Free Verse

#OctPoWriMo Day 24

Word Prompts: outside, unlocked, fling,

freely, gape

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Dear God

,Carpet of fallen leaves

Do you see the real me

Beneath the heavenly skies

Leaf covered path

On my daily walk I pass by and over so many fallen leaves, some noticeable, some not. Some freshly fallen are filled with beautiful colors while some are withered, lifeless, or hidden beneath others.

It causes me to think that they are like many of us in this world. Some of us are more noticeable than others, perhaps more lively, active or attractive while others might be older, less active, or perhaps feel insignificant or hidden because they are covered in worries or burdens.

Just like the many leaves they may wonder if anyone sees the real them.

But the truth is that God does.

He sees us all, for that is one of His names.

In Genesis 16:13 it says “So she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, “You are ‘God who sees,’ because I have truly seen the one who looks after me.”

Hagar was a runaway who was alone in the wilderness with her child, she figured no one cared about her and she thought she and her son were going to die—alone….but God saw her and He spoke to her and helped her.

Matthew 10:29 says that not even a sparrow falls to the earth without God knowing about it, so I am thinking it must be the same for leaves and people too. He sees us all.

Everbody matters

For the clear truth is written

He’s “God who sees me”


#OctPoWriMo Day 23

Theme: See Me.

Prompts: beneath, uncover, clear, unspoken,truth

Form: Haibun

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False Faces

False Face


Brings duplicity

Back and forth

Lying tongues weaving

Dishonesty and deception

Cleverly disguised

Harmless looking masks


Masks looking harmless

Disguised cleverly

Deception and dishonesty

Weaving tongues lying

Forth and back

Duplicity brings



#OctPoWriMo Day 22

Poetry prompt: Betrayal

Word prompts:

betrayal, deception, dishonesty,

duplicity, lying

Suggested Form: Palindrome

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Time Lord

Clock faces

Don’t let any moment slip by

Cus hours tend to fly

Seconds march on

Til life is gone

And the clock hands can’t be delayed

Minutes fade

The hourglass runs

No past reruns

Your life’s chronology is now

Present avow

Future gain

Not live in vain.

Minute Poem

#OctPoWriMo Day 20

Theme: Time Lord

Word Prompts:

moment, hours, minutes, clock, hourglass, future, past, present,


Suggested Form:

In keeping with the time theme and for those who really want a challenge, try a Minute poem. For less of a challenge try Loop poem