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I Know

Poem about the things I know
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

NaPoWriMo–Day 20--“I Know” poem–a poem that states the things you know.

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Landay poem--rose garden photo
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

NaPoWriMo–Day 19–Landay poem

A Landay is “a form of folk poetry from Afghanistan. Meant to be recited or sung aloud, and frequently anonymous, the form is a couplet comprised of 22 syllables. The first line has 9 syllables and the second line 13 syllables. Landays end on “ma” or “na” sounds and treat themes such as love, grief, homeland, war, and separation.”

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Triolet poem about the family coming to visit
Original Poetry and Photograph by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015

NaPoWriMo–Day 18– “prompt, which takes us from 2015 back to the 1700s. After all, it’s the eighteenth of April, which means that today is the 240th anniversary of the midnight ride of Paul Revere! Today, in keeping with the theme of rush and warning, I challenge you to write a poem that involves an urgent journey and an important message. It could historical, mythical, entirely fictional, or memoir-ical.”

This Triolet is my take on today’s NaPoWriMo prompt!  Can anyone relate? 🙂

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The Reader

little girl reading sitting in a pink chair, Metaphor poem
Original Poetry by Leona J. Atkinson ©2015
(clipart from in PS by Leona J. Atkinson)

NaPoWriMo–Day 13–Metaphor poem

I enjoyed this challenge of writing my first Metaphor poem, for I liked the memory it brought.
The poem is actually about me.  When I was a little girl.  I used to sit in a big comfy chair (actually mine was red at that time, but later in life I did actually have a big pink wing-backed chair.)
I would sit for hours in the living room and read,
and dream of faraway places, and imagine I was on a flying carpet!  Books really can take you places!  🙂  Fun memory!