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A Grand Opening

Carpet of Fall Leaves

Through the open door they dance

Inhibitions unlocked

Freely they fling

Flashes of color

Detached, moving with abandon

Come to rest at my feet

I gape at the beauty of the leaves of Fall

Come to entertain me

On this windy day.

Free Verse

#OctPoWriMo Day 24

Word Prompts: outside, unlocked, fling,

freely, gape

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Who am I?


I am a million thoughts,

Images and feelings,

Held together by hopes,

Dreams and will.

I am a broken heart,


A dreamer, chasing.

A child, exploring.

I am youth and old age,

Combined in mind and body,

Held together by God.

Free Verse

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Uncaptured Beauty

Autumn Trees
Autumn posed for me

Outside my window

Her golden brown skirt

Flowing upon a carpet of green

She stood

With one arm draped in scarlet

The other in gold

The wind gasped and held its breath

The song birds sat in silence

As I tried to capture her beauty

With my muted watercolors

In frustration I shouted “No!”

All this silence must go!

Her beauty she must show

Vividly, boldly, richly,

Her colors cannot be muted

They must glow and burst forth

Awaking the senses

Blazing forth vibrantly

Until Autumn is no more!

Free Verse

This poem wrote itself as I stood looking out my patio window at the colors of Autumn and pondering in my heart of how I might paint the beauty that was in front of me. Quickly realizing though that these vibrant colors should not be muted by watercolor, I chose to take a photo instead 😊 

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My Dream…

white ship with pink flower sails and pink clouds
Image from Discovering Poetry Class at

If my sails were pink flowers,
my white ship would float
upon calm waters
amongst cotton candy clouds,
and all who saw
would gasp in wonder
at the sight.

And friends would follow
in pink petal boats
to leave behind their mundane life
and join me on my journey,

While enemies wave their fonds of hate
in anger,
stuck in the mud of jealousy
on some distant shore.
–Leona J. Atkinson/Free Verse

(This was an image shared in a poetry class titled “Discovering Poetry” that I am currently taking in College.
I am not sure where the image is from or the story behind it, however,  I think it is a beautiful image and it caused me to dream as I examined it.  Since we students were asked to describe the image.  I decided to write this poem as my description which I thought I would share with all of you.  –Leona J. Atkinson )


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9 Reasons Why Grocery Shopping is Hard Work! 

grocery shopping
Here are 9 Reasons why I get so tired from a Grocery Store Shopping trip!

1. Putting items into cart

2. Taking items out of cart at checkout

3. Putting items into bags after checkout and back into cart

4. Taking bags of items out of cart 

5. Putting bags of items into car

6. Taking bags of items out of car

7. Putting bags of items into house cupboards/fridge/freezer

8. Taking items out of cupboards/fridge/freezer

9. Putting in oven, microwave, toaster, or mouths

Yay! Done at last! 

Whew! Time for a nap! 

(Silly 😊) Free Verse