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N ovember appears
O nce more
V ery quietly
E ntering
M aking a statement
B y the time change
E lection days and
R eminding us to give thanks

Leona J. Atkinson  11-01-13

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Freedom Lost

Amsterdam July 6 1942
Anne Frank lost her freedom
Let us never forget
‘Twas only 71 years ago today
The Frank Family hid away

Leona J.Atkinson

July 6, 1942 Anne Frank and her family go into hiding for two years in the “Secret Annexe” above her father Otto Frank’s office which was in a warehouse in Amsterdam.  Anne Frank was 13 years old. Read the account of her hidden life as recorded in her Diary.
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June’s Farewell

Everyone was complaining,
“When is summer going to come?”
The 65 degree weather
Was really not summer for some.
“Where is our sunshine ?
We want hot sunny days.
We are tired of the cool,
And the rain, how it stays!”
So today summer came
In a rushing wave of heat!
The temperature is 100,
And everywhere the sun does beat.
Now no one  is saying  “Yay!
Summer finally did arrive!”
No.  All I hear is “Turn on the AC
To 65 degrees, so I can survive!”

Farewell June, on your final day you
are surely giving us a day to remember you for!

Leona J. Atkinson

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Pool Time

The sun of summer has finally come,
And the neighborhood pool is now home for some.
Shouts and laughter can be heard from afar,
As people gather to swim and to spar.
The pool seems to bring out the child in everyone,
It fosters creativity as games are made up and played for fun.
Adults, as well as children, laugh, splash and play.
What a wonderful family activity on a hot summer day !

Leona J. Atkinson