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An Afternoon Walk

An afternoon walk
The scent of Honeysuckle
Perfumes the damp air

Leona J. Atkinson

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June 24

June, today you are twenty four,
And soon, you will be no more.
I wonder what your final days hold in store?
What adventures will you have me explore,
In the next six days, before,
July comes to shut your door?

Leona J. Atkinson

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The sky is totally black,
Not a star is in sight.
It’s the perfect time for Supermoon
To shine forth its big light,
Yet it’s no where to be seen.
Supermoon’s not here tonight.

Leona J. Atkinson

(I look forward to seeing Supermoon tomorrow night though. It is supposed to appear soon!)

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Picnic in the Park

Dark gray clouds hang overhead,
Their presence threatens to bring
An end to outdoor plans for the day,
Ominously, they hover and cling.

Everyone plans to seek cover,
If raindrops begin to fall.
Silently some sit, watch and wait,
While others gather to cover all.

The gray clouds slowly drift north,
Away from our area of concern.
White clouds reveal a sunny sky,
Sighs release, and smiles return.

Plans once again move forward,
As there’s no rain  in sight.
The picnic proceeds outdoors in the park,
Stopping only as day turns into night.

Leona J. Atkinson

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Come and Gone

June, it seems you just arrived,
Yet your 18 days are nearly gone,
only  12 more remain to be seen,
and then never more shall you dawn.

You’ve given me memories to cherish,
Adventures and surprises galore,
June, I will enjoy your daily presence,
Until you, or I, are no more.

Leona J.Atkinson

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:) Smile!

Smiling Sun


There’s power in a smile
To chase a frown away.
It will uplift a gloomy spirit,
And cheer up someone’s day!

We all have one we can use,
So let’s put it on for those we meet.
It costs nothing to wear,
And it’s beauty can’t be beat!

Leona J. Atkinson   06-15-13
June 15th is a day specially set aside to celebrate the smile and encourage everyone to share one!
Read more at: 
National Smile Power Day