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posy path
Pretty posy path

Leading to the flower shop

Bouquets of color

Line the florist’s shelves

Music fills the air

Unique treasures abound

Delighting senses

I’m lost in a wonderland 

Filled wifh creativity


Posted in May Flowers 2013

Lovely Lilacs


Lilac!  The sight of you is like the visit of an old friend.

Your fragrance brings back fond memories of childhood
days in May when you bloomed in my front yard.

We children would run and play while enjoying the scent
you surrounded us with.

Mother would let us pick bouquets of you to grace our table and
to share with neighbors who were not as fortunate to own a bush such as you.

Lilac,  I loved you as a child,
and I still enjoy your purple splendor in my yard
and upon my table in May.

Leona J. Atkinson