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Spring Senses

Spring wreath with flowers, bird and butterflies

Waking to the sound

Of a dove’s soft cooing,

My sleepy eyes delight

At sunshine, and the morning

Sounds of baby birds.

Taste awakening anew,

I touch life boldly

Smelling it’s fragrant winds that

Promise new life again.


#NaPoWriMo 2019–Day 25–Prompt: write a poem about a specific season using all five senses

Posted in November 2016, Tanka

Promise of the Dove 

Collared Dove
We belong together

You and I walk as one

But should we ever part

I shall wait beneath the tree

In the early morning light


This morning as I looked out my patio window I saw one dove just sitting under the big tree. Just sitting, watching, waiting….All summer I had seen and heard two doves, at times they would stroll by my window in the early evening, walking slowly along together. I would hear them cooing in the morning. Now I am seeing only one, sitting quietly, watching, waiting. I worry if it is hurt. I worry if it needs help. I wonder where it’s mate is. Then, after many moments, it suddenly flies away… I am not sure what to make of all of this, but I will choose to think good thoughts and imagine that the dove saw its mate. Blessings everyone! Enjoy this day!