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A Welcome Sight

Robin bird

Saw a Robin today

Come to chase winter away

Flying in to help celebrate

January’s final day


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Happiness—Willow Tree Angel figurine

The Angel of Happiness came

Whirling and twirling, and she

Sent fear and sorrow to hide.

Singing with heart full of joy,

Praising the Lord God above,

Dancing with arms open wide,

She showed me how to live,

In peace and sweet harmony,

At morning and eventide.


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National Compliment Day

Bouquet of Flowers, compliments

Admire someone today

Bless them too

Compliments pay

Delights spew

Encouraging words say

Favors do

Give thanks or pray

Honor a few

Inspire not inveigh

Just give a hug or two

Kindness display

Laud anew

Make someone’s day

Nod out of the blue

Ovation convey

Praise imbue

Quiet gratitude portray

Uplift in the midst of ado

Visit to chase away gray

Write thoughtful words true

X-out actions that cause dismay

Yes, bless others all day through

Zip berating, give a kudos bouquet