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Don’t Just Survive—Thrive!

Orange Poppy plant in bloom

Don’t just be content

To bloom where you’re planted

Thrive! Flourish! Rise!

Always be seeking to grow

Expand your territory


My little orange poppy plant is so amazing. This is the third time it’s bloomed this Spring. Every time I think it’s done, it surprises me with more blooms! It’s a Thriver!

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They Said—I Said

Big tree

They said “Just give in”

They said “You’ll never get far”

They said “ You won’t win”

They said “Just give in”

They said “ Don’t even begin”

They said “Who you think you are?”

They said “Just give in”

They said “You’ll never get far”

I said “ I won’t give in”

I said “ I’ll make it someday”

I said “ I will soon win”

I said “ I won’t give in”

I said “ I will begin”

I said “ I will soon find a way”

I said “ I won’t give in”

I said “ I’ll make it someday”

Double Triolet

Written to all the Naysayers from a Yaysayer

“Never Ever Give Up!” “Stand Tall” “Grow”

(When I saw this huge tall tree on my walk the other day these thoughts came to mind)

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Solitary Sight

Purple Petunia blooming

A flower’s purpose

Is to seek to grow and bloom

Wherever planted.

On my walk today, when I saw this little purple petunia in bloom, looking so pretty and strong though growing all alone in an obscure place, I had to stop to admire it.

It wasn’t in a big beautiful garden. It didn’t have ideal soil and light, but it still grew and bloomed.

And whether anyone else noticed it there in its little corner of the world, didn’t really matter, because it did what it was supposed to do. It fulfilled its purpose. And in doing so, it inspired me.

This made me think about my life, my purpose, my growth, and it was good food for thought as my tummy made hungry sounds causing my feet to make their way towards home as the sun begun to set on another Summer day.


Knowing your purpose

Seeking to ways to fulfill

Leads to accomplishment