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Scrabble letters spell Friend

Faithful one who stands

Right beside you

In good times or bad

Encouraging you to be your best

Nudging you to grow and

Do better, while enjoying who you are now


Posted in July 2019, Senryu

Speak Seeds

Plant, in hands, seedling

Twas just a few words

They caused a mind to think

A seed was planted


Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind. –Charles Fillmore

(So then, be sure the words you speak are good words)

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Just One Word

Blackboard, open journal, flowers, message Write! It all begins with one word

Today I wrote a word

Just one short word

It sat there awhile

All alone it sat

Until inspiration

Caused it to grow

And multiply itself

Creating a story

Of three thousand words

The power of pen

And inspiration

Can change the world

Syllabic Verse

Posted in June 2019, Tanka

Don’t Just Survive—Thrive!

Orange Poppy plant in bloom

Don’t just be content

To bloom where you’re planted

Thrive! Flourish! Rise!

Always be seeking to grow

Expand your territory


My little orange poppy plant is so amazing. This is the third time it’s bloomed this Spring. Every time I think it’s done, it surprises me with more blooms! It’s a Thriver!

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They Said—I Said

Big tree

They said “Just give in”

They said “You’ll never get far”

They said “ You won’t win”

They said “Just give in”

They said “ Don’t even begin”

They said “Who you think you are?”

They said “Just give in”

They said “You’ll never get far”

I said “ I won’t give in”

I said “ I’ll make it someday”

I said “ I will soon win”

I said “ I won’t give in”

I said “ I will begin”

I said “ I will soon find a way”

I said “ I won’t give in”

I said “ I’ll make it someday”

Double Triolet

Written to all the Naysayers from a Yaysayer

“Never Ever Give Up!” “Stand Tall” “Grow”

(When I saw this huge tall tree on my walk the other day these thoughts came to mind)