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Welcome Summertime!

Welcome Summertime yard windmill

Twenty Two days since

June arrived to bring us

Summertime again

How long we have waited


The sunshine to greet us

Each morning we woke

And now in the midst of it

We treasure each moment


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Festival Park Revisited

Today I drove past the places we had been,
not too long ago,  
and no one knew except me,
that the same street I was on today,     
was the very one we had ridden our bikes down
that rainy day in June.

I remembered how we had gotten so soaked from the pouring rain,
that our hair dripped in our eyes,
and our shoes squished when we walked,
but we held hands and laughed,
and listened to the band play,
and we were warm and happy.

Today, it is not raining,
my shoes are dry and the sun is shining,      
but there is no music
and everything seems cold and empty.        

Teardrops replace the raindrops in my eyes,
because I am here, and you are not….

Free Verse
Leona J. Atkinson  11-03-13
(In Remembrance of 10-28-1989)

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June’s Farewell

Everyone was complaining,
“When is summer going to come?”
The 65 degree weather
Was really not summer for some.
“Where is our sunshine ?
We want hot sunny days.
We are tired of the cool,
And the rain, how it stays!”
So today summer came
In a rushing wave of heat!
The temperature is 100,
And everywhere the sun does beat.
Now no one  is saying  “Yay!
Summer finally did arrive!”
No.  All I hear is “Turn on the AC
To 65 degrees, so I can survive!”

Farewell June, on your final day you
are surely giving us a day to remember you for!

Leona J. Atkinson