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Afternoon Reverie

Adirondack lavender chairs beneath trees
Original photo taken at Linfield College-2019-Adirondack lavender chairs beneath trees by Leona J. Atkinson

Enjoying summer in

Lavender adirondacks

Warmth of the sunshine

Seeps through ancient tree’s canopy

Ministering to my soul


(Visited the college today to get my books for the Fall semester and decided to take a walk around campus since it was such a nice day. Saw these lavender chairs and had to stop to rest in them.😊)

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Fields of Lavender

A Lavender Day
A Lavender Day

Though you are miles away

Your fragrance fills the air,
Drawing me to the place where you grow,
and spread your purple splendor as far as my eyes can see.

Lavender,  the loveliness of you should be enjoyed more than just one day in May.

Leona J. Atkinson

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Flowering Chives

Flowering Chives
Flowering Chives


Lovely lavender flowers,
You are a delight to the eyes.
Yet your scent isn’t in keeping,
With your beautiful guise.

For your use is culinary,
 in cuisine you are very fine.
Chefs use your flowers as garnish,
And your scapes for soup divine.

Leona J Atkinson