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Full Beaver Moon

Full Beaver Moon in Oregon  11-13-19
Original photo of The Full Beaver Moon in Oregon 11-13-19

In the dark stillness

November’s moon reigns on high

Stars hide from view


I was fortunate tonight to be able to walk outside about 6:30 pm and see the moon in its giant fullness. The sky was in total darkness except for this gigantic moon. The photo I took with my cellphone doesn’t really show its beauty and size. It truly was a sight to see.

Amy Nieskens of the Old Farmer’s Almanac guide said: “Centuries ago Native Americans kept track of the changing seasons by giving a distinct name to each Full Moon – names we still use today.

“November’s Full Moon was known as the Geese-going Moon, the Frost Moon and perhaps the most well known, the Full Beaver Moon.

“Traditionally this is the time of year that beavers are preparing for winter and also the time to set traps before the swamps froze, to ensure supplies of warm winter furs.”

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Hide and Seek

Cloudly moonlit night

Darkness seems to come and go

Moon plays hide and seek 

As clouds move in the night sky

Camera tries to capture


Tonite’s Full Moon was beautiful. It was a sight to see it shining brightly among the dark clouds that kept trying to hide it’s bright glowing light. I tried to take a video in an attempt to capture the game of hide and seek that the moon was playing with the clouds but unfortunately my iPhone camera just couldn’t seem to capture it properly, so I had to be satisfied with some still pics instead.